Numerik und Wissenschaftliches Rechnen

Montag 23.9.
SR 0.019
15:30Oliver SanderDiscretization methods for manifold-valued function spaces
16:10Pascal HeidAdaptive Iterative Linearization Galerkin Methods for Nonlinear PDE
16:30Jan BohnA convergent finite element boundary element scheme for Maxwell-Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equations
16:50Pietro ZanottiQuasi-optimal and pressure robust discretizations of the Stokes equations by new augmented Lagrangian formulations
17:10Carl-Martin PfeilerDörfler marking with minimal cardinality is a linear complexity problem
Dienstag 24.9.
SR 0.014
10:00Thomas ApelNumerical analysis of Dirichlet control problems
10:40Christof HaubnerOptimal Control of a Simplified Signorini Problem
11:00Paolo Di Stolfohp-adaptive basis functions of higher differentiability and error control for the Finite Cell Method
11:20Bernhard KoberReconstruction-based a-posteriori error estimation in stress-based FEM for frictional contact problems
11:40Martin ZieglerComputer Science of Future Numerics: Software Engineering for Continuous Data Processing
SR 0.019
16:00Winnifried WollnerOptimization of Phase-Field Damage Evolution
16:40Fabian CastelliThe Numerical Simulation of Intercalation Processes in Lithium Ion Batteries
17:00Alexander DominicusConvergence of an adaptive C⁰-interior penalty Galerkin method for the biharmonic problem
17:20Guido KanschatAsymptotic preserving multilevel DG for the interaction of light and matter
18:00Klaus BeneckeTabment-Orientierte Programmierung
Mittwoch 25.9.
SR 0.014
10:00Mira SchedensackRobust discretization of the Reissner-Mindlin plate with Taylor-Hood FEM
10:40Dietmar GallistlRayleigh-Ritz approximation of the inf-sup constant for the divergence
11:00Glaydston de C. BentoIteration complexity of Douglas-Rachford splitting applied to minimization problems on symmetric Hadamard manifolds
11:20Christian MeyerApproximation of Rate-Independent Evolution with Non-Convex Energies

Sektionsleitung: Andreas Schröder, Gerhard Starke