Geometrie und Topologie

Dienstag 24.9.
SR 0.019

10:00Thomas NikolausK-theory and topological periodic homology
11:00Marc StephanNonrealizable equivariant chain complexes
11:40Robert LöweDecomposing the moduli space of decorated convex projective structures on non-compact surfaces
SR 2.058
16:00Sebastian HenselGeometry of subgroups of mapping class groups
17:00Stefan WitzelGeometry of simple groups
Mittwoch 25.9.
SR 2.058
10:00Christian BärCounterintuitive approximations
11:00Grigori AvramidiOn a rational analogue of a conjecture of Singer
SR 2.058

15:30Lynn HellerArea Estimates for High genus Lawson surfaces via DPW
16:10Panagiotis KonstantisOn the classification of vector bundles over 5-manifolds
16:50Fernando Galaz-GarcíaSufficiently collapsed three-dimensional Alexandrov spaces

Sektionsleitung: Bernhard Hanke, Alexander Lytchak