Analysis of wave propagation

The aim of this minisymposium is to present recent results in analysis with eventual ap- plications in the study of elliptic or hyperbolic PDEs related to wave propagation. This includes resolvent estimates (Limiting Absoprtion Principles), Strichartz estimates, Fourier restriction theory and applications to PDEs.

Dienstag 24.9.
SR 2.059
10:00Diogo Oliveira e SilvaMaximizers for Spherical Restriction
10:30Volker BrandingGlobal existence of Dirac-wave maps with curvature term on expanding spacetimes
11:00Daniela MaierBreather solutions on necklace graphs
11:30Lucrezia CossettiUnique Continuation for the Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation
SR 2.059
16:00Stefan BuschenhenkeThe non-linear Brascamp-Lieb inequality
16:30Martin SpitzLocal wellposedness of quasilinear Maxwell equations on domains
17:00Ramos João PedroThe Hilbert transform along curves, anisotropically homogeneous multipliers and the polynomial Carleson theorem
17:30Nikos PattakosKnocking out teeth in one-dimensional periodic NLS: Local and global wellposedness results