Mathematical Perspectives on General Relativity

General Relativity is a beautiful physical theory which has successfully predicted many natural phenomena such as black holes and gravitational waves. Since Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat’s seminal work in the 1960’s, it has attracted the attention of mathematicians whose attention is caught by the fascinating interactions between the differential geometric setting of the theory, the partial differential Einstein equations describing the behavior of gravitational systems, and the intimate connections with mathematical and theoretical physics.
The aim of the minisymposium is to discuss recent progress in this very active subfield of geometric analysis in a way that is also inviting for young and experienced researchers from neighboring disciplines.

This Minisymposium is sponsored by the SPP 2026.

Dienstag 24.9.
SR 2.067
10:00Martín ReirisThe problem of existence of static and electrostatic solutions of the Einstein equations in arbitrary topology
10:30Sophia JahnsA uniqueness result for higher-dimensional Reissner-Nordström manifolds
11:00Alexander FriedrichThe Hawking energy on the large and small scale
11:30Ye Sle ChaGeometric Inequalities for Axially Symmetric Initial Data
SR 2.067
16:00David FajmanStability of the Milne model with matter
16:30David MaxwellThe Conformal Method and Matter Models
17:00Melanie GrafLorentzian warped products with one dimensional base and length space fibers
17:30Gregory J. GallowayTopology and singularities in cosmological spacetimes obeying the null energy condition