Funktionalanalysis, Reelle, Komplexe Analysis

Donnerstag 26.9.
SR 2.066
10:00Roland SchnaubeltBiharmonic wave maps
10:30Fabian RuppOn the Łojasiewicz-Simon gradient inequality on submanifolds
11:00Robin LangOn the eigenvalues of the Robin Laplacian with a complex parameter
11:30Michael HofackerPotential approximation of the one-dimensional Bose gas with contact interactions
SR 0.019
15:30Tobias RiedVariational methods for an elliptic singular SPDE describing the magnetization ripple
16:00Andreas BitterOn the virtual level of N-body Schrödinger operators
16:30Simon BarthOn the absence of the Efimov-effect for N≥4 particles
17:00Burkhard BlobelContinuous Wavelet Transform of (subrepresentations of) the left-regular representation

Sektionsleitung: Timo Weidl, Jens Wirth